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Embrace refined elegance with Caracole at Lemontree Home Decor. We are thrilled to carry their stunning collections in both our Nevada and Montana store locations.

With an unwavering focus on sophistication and unmatched quality, Caracole creates unique and inspiring furniture pieces that blend innovation with timeless design. Their collaborations with renowned designers elevate their collections to new heights, capturing the essence of style and opulence.

The Epitome of Luxury and Comfort

Unparalleled Design for the Discerning Eye

Caracole’s dedication to providing statement home decor pieces is evident through their extensive portfolio, which showcases artful details and seasonal color palettes. With a wide variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern, Caracole offers the perfect accent for every home.

Discover Caracole at Lemontree Home Decor


Explore our carefully curated selection of Caracole’s breathtaking pieces at our welcoming stores in Nevada and Montana. Our knowledgeable and passionate staff are ready to guide you in selecting the ideal addition that reflects your individual taste and personal flair.

Experience Caracole furniture at Lemontree Home Decor — where your home becomes an ensemble of luxury and comfort.