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Welcome to Lemontree Home Decor — where each home narrates a unique tale of style, elegance, and individuality with our dynamic Interior Design Services.

Through the ebb and flow of interior design transitions, our commitment remains constant – to bring your cherished vision to life, adorning your home with an everlasting charm that breathes your persona.


Your personal style statement deserves to triumph in your living spaces. Whether it’s a minimalist monochrome palette, a lively and vivid setup, or a snug and rustic ambiance, we’re here to bring your bespoke vision to life. With our partnerships with leading designers and our dedication to utilizing high-quality products, we guarantee that your home will be a perfect reflection of your individuality.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

At Lemontree, we’re driven to comprehend and translate your unique taste into your dwelling spaces. With our dedicated team of designers, we make every effort to enhance your home into a sanctuary that embodies comfort and style. Imagine and step into your revamped haven that is chic, welcoming, and utterly ‘you’.

Our design service is complimentary. There is a one time nonrefundable $300 initial consultation fee.


With over two decades of experience, we we offer unparalleled expertise, ensuring the remarkable transformation of your living spaces, with your desires in mind.


Our passion for the extraordinary manifests in collaborations with top design brands. Witness the fusion of comfort and sophistication as we bring exquisite elegance to your abode.


Infuse your spaces with innovative and visually stunning seasonal palettes, breathing life into your home as the seasons gracefully unfold.

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Step into the exciting journey of home transformation, guided by our expert hands. Reach out to the passionate team at Lemontree Home Decor to connect your vision with our expertise for a seamless revamp experience. Whether you’re based in the heart of Las Vegas or the picturesque Kalispell — your home’s chic, inviting, personal transformation awaits!