NambÉ at Lemontree

Welcome to the world of Nambé at Lemontree Home Decor, where award-winning designs meet uncompromising quality and timeless beauty. Visit ou  stores in Nevada and Montana to explore our carefully curated collection of Nambé serveware, barware, home décor, and gift items.

Excellence for Over 60 Years

The Nambé Collection

Recognized for over 60 years, Nambé’s commitment to artistic integrity and ageless elegance is evident in their stunning pieces. Nambé collaborates with the world’s most renowned designers to create products that seamlessly combine function and style.

Ranging from The British Museum in London to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Nambé pieces are proudly exhibited in prestigious galleries across the globe.

Experience Nambé at Lemontree Home Decor


Our stores feature a beautiful collection of Nambé items, carefully selected to bring sophistication to your home. Discover the elegance of Nambé serveware and barware, intricately crafted to impress your guests. Add a touch of distinction to your living spaces with our array of Nambé home decor and find the perfect gift for a special occasion from our diverse range.